Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas photos.

My Aunt and Grandma in Louisiana sent my daughter Abigail the cutest christmas dress, and of course they wanted pictures so these are what i whipped up in a little mini session with my little princess.

Abigail and Aleyna

a few weeks ago I was finally able to photograph my Daughter Abigail and her little (half) sister Aleyna. I bought them little matching dresses and made their headbands, set up the back ground using a white sheet with white icicle lights hung over top of it. I am way to excited about how they turned out!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cowgirl boots and Flowers

My daughter is absolutely beautiful so there is always a chance for some good photos of her, well today we went outside to play and the lighting just seemed perfect. So as Abigail would say "we played pictures". I got a ton of cute photos of her, but these are by far my favorite.

Monday, August 9, 2010

5 Generation Family Portraits

My Great Grandpa is 93 years old; and about 2.5 years ago he became a Great-Great Grandpa, twice about a year apart, to Abigail and Aiyden, giving us a family of 5 generations. We had already done 1 5 generation picture with me and my daughter Abigail. And a few months ago we decided it was time to update it to include my cousin Leslie and her son Aiyden. And thats exactly what we did. We had a very hard time deciding on a location, until I had the idea to just take the photographs in front of my Great Grandpa's house; because we all grew up running in and out of that old white house, and it really made it personal that way. So here are our 5 generations :]

above; front row-aiyden, and abigail.
middle row-leslie (my cousin), Garland; the great great grandpa, myself
Back row- Ann (my aunt), Jeff; my dad, and Carolyn; my grandma.
Above: Great great grandpa, Ann, Aiyden, grandma, Leslie
Above- Me, Abigail, Great Great Grandpa, my dad and my grandma

Makenzie Jade and Kaydence Hope

My cousin Daniel and his wife have 2 beautiful little girls, but unfortunately they do not live near by. So when they made a trip to Asheboro I jumped at the chance to photograph their little girls. We had a blast, and they were quite excited about the end results.

Abigail Rayne

I checked out some studio lights from school and for fun me and my amazing daughter had ourselves a little photoshoot. We taped a sheet up on the wall for a background and had an amazing time taking pictures and laughing. Here are my favorites.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Holga

A few months ago for a late birthday present my awesome boyfriend bought me a Holga 120 camera. And naturally being the "photo nerd" (as he says) i couldn't wait to get film in it and take pictures. So here are just a few that i've taken with it. But there are many more photos, and many more to come, because i love it :]